Early Childhood Development Stages

As parents, all of us are concerned about our bundle of joy the first time it enters the world, however during the early childhood development stages the ball lies in nature's court and hence there is nothing much that we parents can do about it but to let Mother Nature work her magic on our little ones. As parents, we do need to contribute towards our child's development in the early childhood stages by providing them with shelter, food, love and clothing. We also need to bathe them regularly and provide them with emotional security by cuddling, hugging and showing them some love.

Early Childhood Development Stages

During the first stage of the many early childhood development stages, i.e. from 0-8 months, nature as well as parents provide nourishment to the child in order to increase his/her weight and height. At the end of the first stage the child would usually be about 30 inches long, and the weight would be double its weight at birth. The size of the child's head would also have increased and some teeth would have developed. Of course baby fats would also be developing at this stage and it would cover the arms, neck and thighs. It is during this time that the baby would develop its final eye color and learn how to roll, sit up, put items in his/her mouth, etc.

The second stage from the eight month to the twelfth month, as usual Nature plays the primary role here too. The baby's size would have increased by 1.5 times at least and their current weight would be triple that of its weight at birth. Their hands would grow much faster than their legs, which would be bowed. More development of teeth would take place and their vision would have improved. Now they can see up to 20 feet away. They'll gain a sense of balance and learn how to wave, sit, stand, babble, etc.

Early Childhood Development Stages

The third stage of early childhood would be from the first year to the third. The child would now be able to walk, while their legs are still bowed, hence they toddle, and that is why this stage is termed as the toddler stage. By the end of this stage, the child would be able to run, skip, jump, climb and even draw. Their vocabularies will begin to expand and they'll crave for company of other children. They would also be able to pick up the alphabets, scribble and recognize colors.

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